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“Exclusive Estates” Estate Sale services

Funk & Junk® is pleased to resume its Specialized Estate Services!
“Exclusive Estates”sm

We say specialized not only because of our unique knowledge of the Antiques market and collectors but, more importantly, our pioneering knowledge in the varied Collectibles markets and their unique collectors. We have the knowledge to sell many items that are often overlooked as worthless. They aren’t and haven’t been for a long time!

Many estate services are interested solely in a relatively quick turnaround and a single weekend sale. Though this may meet some customers needs, we have found that when offered some unique alternatives that spell significantly more income with little sacrifice save for time, most customers happily sign up for our service. We are the only ones to offer these extended services, that spell additional income!, though we’re sure others will follow!

Why choose our services?
The answer is simple, we have an eye for detail and that eye has historically resulted in thousands of dollars more for the estates we have serviced.

New markets are occurring everyday and we continue to study and learn. Many, and some would say most, in the business may have a good base of knowledge but it is limited not only to select categories but also usually limited to fine Antiques only.

In addition to newly occurring markets, popularity for even long established collecting categories change and we stay on top of all of these market changes.  Knowing when there is a “boom” or a “bust” in any particular category is invaluable and makes all the difference to the estates sales results.

A good estate service does not merely pull out their dog eared “price guides” but relies, instead, on experiences at all levels (venues) of sales. Price guides are often slanted in one direction and saying a price is so doesn’t not necessarily mean that it is. Experience and real knowledge are the only filters.

Pricing errors can go in both directions. Price too high and it is unlikely that your item will sell even when marked down by the usually standard rates. Price too low and though you may never know, you’ve lost money.

The key to getting the most from your items is to sell them in the right circumstances and venues along with pricing accordingly. Too many services have a fixed value without regard to factors that affect price. We offer additional and/or alternative venues to sell your items.
  We know when and where to best sell your items.

Of course our roots are by default in the Antiques world and we will match our collective knowledge with most, if not all, other services but if your Estate contains a large number of items that fall into the fairly recently occurring Collectibles markets then it is a no brainer! We have been dealing full time in the Collectibles markets since 1978 with an online presence which precedes Ebay!

In short, we were selling Collectibles before they were recognized in mass as Collectibles and long before most dealers and collectors differentiated them from the Antiques world. Together with a small handful of full-time dealers, we have helped to develop the now separated Collectibles markets for the general public and have been sought after for a number of movie, television and book collaborations because of our unique knowledge.

What makes Exclusive Estates Services different from Others?

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Well, there are a number of differentiating factors besides our unique and growing knowledge of Collectibles and Antiques;

    1. Your sale(s) is/are our primary concern.
      It is not uncommon for many providers to have multiple sales falling on a single weekend. Although this raises their income, it shortchanges the involved customers. We coordinate so that you get our full attention not only during the preparation (and potential pre-sales) but also at the sale itself and during after-sales if that option is chosen.

    1. We sell what others can’t.
      Take as an example and estate we recently handled where the collector had utilized 3 small boxes to hold some coins in. The boxes had bold Black lettering identifying the coins inside covering most of the text on the lid. The boxes were printed so naturally we were interested in the potential advertising value despite the writing on them.

      Long story short, we used some of our cleaning techniques and the lettering came off like it was never there.  The boxes were World War II morphine injector boxes.  We sold each box for $175, far more than the contained coins were worth and another $525 for the estate.

      Finding this type of “sleeper” item is second nature to us and this is not just an isolated incident.

  1. Our education never stops!
    Since 1978 Antiques and Collectibles have been our passion and occupation but we don’t rest on our laurels.  We are constantly monitoring the various markets including up and coming and brand new ones, it’s an ever changing world and we stay on top of it!
  2. We are flexible.
    Not all weekends are created equally and often times a simple rain storm can hamper customers and the resulting business at Estate sales. When it has made sense we have gone so far as to continue the sale services with another weekend Estate sale without additional fees. We do what it takes to maximize not only your income but, as a result, ours as well. We’re in this together.
  3. Our contacts are a huge asset, we’re not afraid to ask for help.
    We are the first to admit that we don’t know everything. We make up for that by having close contacts in a number of fields. Many of these contacts are known and recognized experts in their field. Additionally, it is often the case that in a family estate that the relatives know a good deal about the items included, we want your help.

Exclusive Estates Service Levels

  • Extended Estate:
    This is our highest level of service and the fees are slightly higher though it has always resulted in more than enough to cover our additional fees, which are slight.

    This level of service can take additional time after the physical estate sale that is included in most contracts. Customers choosing this level of service should have flexibility in terms of the final payout (don’t worry, you will receive the initial payout after the physical sale). If you have this time flexibility, this is your best choice.

    Extended services involve our selling your items in the best possible venue for all items in the Estate. The problem with many estate sale services is that what you get is what you get (or don’t get!) and once the sale weekend is over you may either be holding the bag with unsold items or, worse yet, you will have received only a portion of the potential value. Since this is all we do, we have the time to dedicate to maximizing estate income.

    • Standard Estate:
      The standard estate service is still a step above most other standard services. During the setup of the physical estate sale, we not only do the normal research involved in any good service but also market selected items either though our many direct buyer contacts, our 2 Web sites or on Ebay or like sites where customers can be located. Before we open the doors of most of our estate sales, there’s already money in the bank!
    • We gotta get the Hell out of the House! Estate: This is equal to other sale companies level of service.  We realize that many people have to liquidate an estate as quickly as possible and want the simple physical estate sale. However, this time crunch should never include the sacrifice of the necessary preparation or research necessary to maximize your income.

We have more flexibility than most since we do this full-time. With access to the estate, we are able to put in many more hours than any other service, bar none.

Even within these selected services, we have the flexibility to contour our services with your needs. Contact us to discuss your particular needs and the resulting potential fees and our involvement if we both agree to proceed. (703) 842-9517. Please keep in mind that in the same way that you are selective with the service you choose for your estate, we too are selective and not all estates will meet our specialized services.

These services are generally limited to the local Virginia area so that access is not hampered but we are available to discuss your particular location and needs at anytime.